Cromàtic Blanc Floral Organic (6 bottles box)



70% Parellada, 30% Macabeu.


Between 25 and 35 years old.


Primarily macerated in cold (10º) in order to extract the aromatic compounds, followed by soft pressing to obtain the free-run juice. Followed by low temperature (15º) fermentation in order to preserve its aromatic compounds and freshness.


Greenish colour with slight yellow tones. Floral and fruity aromas (green apples, peaches and banana), intense and persuasive. In the mouth it is soft, fragrant and light.


87 points in 2015 (Harvest 2013)

86 points in 2014 (Harvest 2012)

86 points in2013 (Harvest 2011)

86 points in2012 (Harvest 2010)

88 points in 2011 (Harvest 2009)

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