The Land

Our estate covers a variety of microclimates, due to the proximity to the sea and the altitude of up to 700 m. Some of our vineyards are even on slope.

The climate is Mediterranean, mild and warm, typical of the Catalan Pre-coastal and Coastal Ranges, but with some contrast between maximum and minimum daily temperatures. The yearly average temperature fluctuates between 12º and 14.4°C, while the average sunshine is 2,548 hours a year, and the average rainfall is 514 l. On the other hand, the area’s orography protects us from cold winds, but we remain exposed to mistral and West winds.

The soil is deep, neither too sandy nor too clayey, with good permeability and rain retention. These limestone soils, poor in organic matter and not particularly fertile, are just right for vinegrowing.

Geology is varied, with areas made of rather thick continental and oceanic Miocene sediments, covered here and there with Quaternary sediments. Other areas consist of Triassic, Cretaceous and Eocene material, as well as of rather broken Cretaceous limestone.

Such a diverse vinegrowing context is conducive to a great range of possibilities as far as both grapes and winemaking are concerned.

As part of our philosophy of estate wines with a strong personality, Alsina Sardà grows grapes in vineyards scattered over different areas of the Penedès region, so that every grape variety finds the right microclimate for the extraction of its best qualities.