Our experience tells us that to produce a wine with personality, grapes need to have enough time and space to physically fulfill their natural cycle.

The balance of production is fundamental. A low yield, organic farming and the optimum ripeness are some of our essentials.

At Alsina Sardà technology is an important aid, but just an aid: the raw material, the grape berry, is the fundamental ingredient affecting a wine’s eventual quality.

Grapes are handpicked at the optimum ripeness stage. They are subject to maceration at low temperature in order to extract the aromatic compounds found in the skin, as well as the polyphenols (tannins and anthocyanins) which are essential for rosé and red wines.

After maceration, grapes are softly pressed to obtain just a 55 percent yield of juice used for quality wines. Must is then decantated by gravity for 48 hours. Afterwards fermentation takes place at low temperature to preserve freshness and aromas.

Our estate wines are obtained from a very accurate and selective process which allows us to keep their unique personality.

As for the wines and blends selected for our cavas, we take into account criteria such as the capacity to evolve positively with ageing. Ageing duration is a fundamental variable in our cavas. This slow evolution takes place under the shelter of the darkness and coolness that can be found underground, where our bottles lie to give birth to a cava of the utmost quality.